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Episode 32 – Narcissistic Abuse in Your Family of Origin

by | Aug 21, 2019 | Boundaries, Expert Interviews, Learning, Rebuilding, Survivor Identity, The Flying Free Podcast, Waking Up | 3 comments

In this episode we get to visit with the abuse advocate behind the Little Red Survivor website, Cherilyn Christen Clough. She has a brand new book out called Chasing Eden, a memoir about her childhood quest for freedom from narcissistic abuse. I love her book because it takes a gut-wrenching, honest look at the subtleties of abuse in a religious, fundamentalist home while still showing honor to the people who lived in that home. You’ll get to find out how she was able to accomplish this work of grace in our interview. You’re going to love this lady – so join me as we get to know the sweet and brilliant Cherilyn!

You can get Cherilyn’s book HERE!

Other books mentioned in this podcast:

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

Educated by Tara Westover

The best of her blog:

Three Ways to Disable Flying Monkeys


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  1. Michelle

    Just wanted to say that I read your guest’s book, Chasing Eden, over just two days and it was just excellent! Thanks again! : )

  2. Michelle

    What a great podcast, Natalie! Thank you so much for addressing family-of-origin stuff. I will read all of the memoirs mentioned. I love the attitude of both you and your guest because neither of you are coming from the perspective of a victim.

    It’s empowering to get disentangled from the destructive life patterns of your family (with your faith in tact!) and then carry on with life in a loving, and dignified manner that brings glory to God. That is my ultimate goal. I don’t want to spend my remaining precious years and energy being a victim. I also think the perpetual victim mentality is a barrier to seeing our own sin; if we stay too long in that mindset we become like the very people we’ve called out, and then cease to live in truth. The mind thrives on truth and reality, it decays with lies and dishonesty. It atrophies when we can’t ever say what’s true – dishonesty erodes our very souls. Not a place I want to live! My heart cries out for truth, and I will fight for it! If no one else in my family values it, I’ve got to accept that and love them and show them compassion the best I can anyway! (I’ve given myself permission to do this from a distance and with strong boundaries for my own sanity — I believe this is okay!)
    Thank you again for all you do, and thank you to your wise guest!


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